Getting Buzzy

Outside the Box was on the outskirts of Exeter in Shillingford Abbot last weekend, learning about bees and beekeeping with artist Louise Ann Wilson. We were kindly hosted by Exeter Grower’s Co-Operative, who were visited by Steve Dummett, an experienced beekeeper from nearby Shillingford St George. He had been asked for advice on managing theContinue reading “Getting Buzzy”

Survey of artists working in the open air.

We hope to take a wide and inclusive picture of outdoor practice across the UK. We know that artists have long worked with walking, street theatre, community events, interventions, promenade and public art practices in many outdoor spaces. We would like to know what these practices can tell us about the possibilities for leisure in theContinue reading “Survey of artists working in the open air.”

Leaving the building

Theatre scholar Rustom Bharucha’s talk on ‘Theatre and the Corona Virus’ comments ironically that New York’s ‘The Shed’, designed by Diller & Scofidio to be ‘permanently flexible for an unknowable future’, is not proof against this pandemic.* I’ve always been a bit sceptical of theatre buildings with designed-in flexibility, as I suggest in my blogContinue reading “Leaving the building”

Introducing the team

‘Outside the Box’ is initiated by researchers at the University of Exeter, working with civic partners and artists. Evelyn O’Malley leads the research team. Cathy Turner and Tim Coles are co-investigators. Giselle Garcia joined us in March ’21 as postdoctoral researcher. We are working with Exeter culture and in consultation with Exeter City Council andContinue reading “Introducing the team”